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Why work for Sensibill?

At Sensibill, we are all about using technology to simplify your life.  Our CEO and CTO built Sensibill because they saw an opportunity to streamline something every person experiences almost once a day – receipts.

Working with Sensibill means working for a company building up to big data analytics.  A company that believes in machine learning to enable digital functionality in finances. Through communal coding, an Agile environment, bi-weekly demos, and a truly collaborative culture, Sensibill offers every new team member the chance to not just be part of a company, but to have a hands-on, voices-heard impact on the building of solutions.  

We believe in challenging everyone here to rise to their fullest potential. This is a small environment where everyone’s efforts - and the results of those efforts - are transparent. Working with Sensibill, is the chance to build out your role and your skills.  To create, to drive, and to make paper receipts a thing of the past!

There are no open positions at this time.